Thomas Lipschultz (wyrdwad) wrote in snip_snip,
Thomas Lipschultz

Ending theme from Clock Tower (1 U.S., 2 Japan)?

Has anyone ever managed to successfully rip a decent-quality MP3 or WAV of the ending theme to the original U.S. Clock Tower game (Clock Tower 2 in Japan)? I really, REALLY like that song, but the most I've been able to do through PSXmc is rip exactly 1 minute of it -- and it's over 4 minutes long in total, IIRC.

If anyone DOES have a decent-quality MP3 or WAV of it, either through ripping or just plain recording, I'd be very appreciative if you'd let me know -- I'm planning on making a mix CD of my favorite PS1 and DreamCast non-vocal theme songs, and I'd like the Clock Tower theme to be on it. But unlike most other PS1 games that originate in Japan, Clock Tower doesn't have a soundtrack -- I guess there's not enough music in it to warrant one.

Anyway, thanks!

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