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Clock Tower Movie is a go

Clock Tower Movie is a go, apparently

BERLIN — Senator Entertainment is set to produce “Clock Tower,” based on Capcom’s bestselling survival horror video game series, for the Weinstein Co.

Senator’s Marco Weber will produce with Martin Weisz (“The Hills Have Eyes 2”) directing from a script by Eric Poppen (“Borderland”).

Unlike first-person shooter games, which allow gamers to hunt and kill monsters, the protagonist in “Clock Tower” has no weapons and must use her surroundings to hide and escape while solving puzzles and following the twisting storyline.

The game has attracted high-profile talent, such as the late Japanese helmer Kinji Fukasaku (“Battle Royale”), who directed the third version of the game, “Clock Tower 3.”

The pic will employ elements of all of the “Clock Tower” games, although the story will be based mainly on “Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within,” in which the heroine finds herself locked up in a psychiatric hospital as she tries to escape the curse that has haunted her family for generations.

Senator’s head of production Vanessa Coifman will produce along with Weber. Haruhiro Tsujimoto of Capcom, and Anthony Mosawi and Brad Luff of the Mayhem Project are executive producing for the Weinstein Co., which is handling international sales.

Pic is set to start shooting in July.
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